Looking back on Laos

Looking back on Laos Back in October I spent a few days in Laos (and Thailand). It was so beautiful and warm, a tropical paradise. The Laotian people were laid back and welcoming of us as foreigners.

We stayed in a touristy town called Vang Vieng. We went kayaking and tubing in the slow river where the local children spent their afternoons pretending to be pirates as they waited for their parents to get off of work. Spending time in South East Asia after being in India for so long was a breath of fresh air (literally, it's so smoggy in India). But seriously, no one stared at us in SE Asia. We weren't spectacles as we walked down the street. We were able to eat fresh FRUIT unlike in India, and we had access to warm showers and news channels on TV. It's the little things you become so accustomed to without realizing it that you miss the most.

Can't wait to go back to South East Asia some day! I'm thinking next time I return to this region of the world I've got to check out Cambodia, Angkor Wat has been calling my name for too long.