A New Home

As you may or may not know I spent a few months interning with Ashraya Mission in the fall of 2012.  I was SO BLESSED to be able to welcome some very special young ladies into the home.  They each came from a background of prostitution or from families that were trying to force them into it for the extra income.  Now that these wonderful girls are living at Ashraya Mission, they are growing and learning everyday. They are learning that their futures are bright with opportunities- opportunities to persue their dreams of becoming nurses, teachers, tailors, etc.  However, the house that Ashraya Mission is currently renting isn't the most stable.  What I mean to say is, the landlord is difficult to work with and threatens to evict the wonderful young women that now call this house their home.

There is a solution.  In 2011 a generous donor provided funds which were used to buy an acre of land in the same village.  The land was purchased with the intention of one day building a permanent home and a school for the victims of human trafficking of India. It is a beautiful piece of property near a river and during the fall it grows sunflowers. Peace seems to hang in the breeze on this land. 


The last few years we have been very happy in our rented home but renting makes for an unstable home. Our girls deserve a permanent home. We hope you will dream big with us as we try to embark on giving them this home.

To construct a new home will cost about $90,000. It is a lot of money to us, but not for our God. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills-His provisions are never ending.


Please prayerfully consider donating for this home so we can expand and help even more girls start a life freed from slavery.

Freedom is coming for all. Be part of the liberation.