brynn & aaron, farm wedding reception

Brynn and I met our freshman year of college in Nashville. We were suite-mates in an old dorm that had leaky faucets and funny smelling walls. We quickly bonded over long walks to the local mall - neither of us had a car at school. After college Brynn made the move from her small hometown in southern Illinois to the Big Apple. In New York City, she met Texas native Aaron. They dated for a couple of years, then Aaron proposed to Brynn in there gardens of Paris, France. A few months after that, they eloped to Iceland and had an intimate wedding ceremony with their families. Despite their whirlwind traveling lifestyle, they remain humble and down to earth people. Just hang out with them for any amount of time and you'll be doubled over in laughter (and if you are ever in Brooklyn - they can direct you to the best places to get brunch). Recently they celebrated their marriage at Brynn's family farm in Illinois. I was lucky enough to attend and take some portraits of the lovely couple.


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