I never get tired of taking photos underwater.  My first underwater camera was a 12 megapixel Olympus Stylus Tough 3000. I had the green one.  It was the best thing to ever happen to my family's beach vacations and hiking trips.  I could carry it around without the fear of it breaking if I got it wet or dropped it onto a hard surface.  It took some really great shots over the years, but unfortunately I didn't close the battery/SD card hatch properly one of the last times I was at the beach and water seeped in- zapping it of all power. 221946_10150235910820867_6329693_n 284395_10150314347775867_623300866_9702999_1429494_n I recently got a soft-shell underwater camera case for my DSLR.  I found this Bingo waterproof case on Amazon for about $30.  The ultimate goal was to be able to fully submerge my Nikon D3000 in the water to take photos, I was skeptical at first but became more comfortable after testing it out and watching reviews of the case on Youtube.  Here are some shots I took while at the beach a few weeks ago. *The underwater shots of course were taken while my camera was in the Bingo waterproof case, but some of the above water shots were taken without the case (if I kept the case on while using the camera above water the photos would have spots and smudges from where salt water dried on the outside of the case- which you can see in a couple photos). photo photo1 photo4 photo7 photo10 photo12 photo21 photo30 photo37 photo42 photo45 photo46 photo48 photo51 Hope you all are having a great summer so far!