stephanie & jacob

I've had the privilege of growing up with Stephanie. We have known each other since elementary school and became close friends in high school. During those care free days, we spent many nights staying up late playing our favorite songs over and over on Guitar Hero. 

Stephanie is one of the golden ones. I admire her so much for her endless joy and positive outlook on life. She is the first one to laugh in any uncomfortable situation and always has something encouraging to say. She lives for her beautiful two-year-old son Jacob. I can only pray to be as strong of a mother as she is, one day!

Here are a few photos of Steph and sweet Jacob (just LOOK at his gorgeous lashes). Have you seen a better dressed mother-son duo? I think not. Enjoy!

drew & hillary, radnor lake engagement

What to say about a person you've known since high school?! I was so honored to get to take Drew and Hillary's engagement photos at Radnor Lake in Nashville. Their sweet dog Granger (yes, like Hermione) accompanied us for a bit. And I mean come on, look at that sweet face!

Drew and Hillary are two people who were made for each other. Set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, they took a leap of faith and have been together ever since. They'll be ringing the wedding bells this February in Nashville.  

We had a blast exploring Radnor on a perfect autumn afternoon for their session. Hope you enjoy!