This past weekend I spent time in Nashville with a few of my friends. We stayed up late, drove around, got lost, listened to music, danced, ate and ate, but most importantly we laughed.  It's a simple yet priceless thing- laughing.  Sharing laughter with friends is such a joy in life. It sounds cheesy, but seriously. What's better than having a good laugh over something ridiculous?  We were at Waffle House late one night. We were sitting in a booth, Brynn next to me, and Holly across from me and Kelsey across from Brynn.  We were all chit-chatting away then Brynn and Kelsey said the same thing at the same time. ALL CRAZINESS BROKE LOSE. Kelsey nearly tipped over the table trying to reach across and "jinx pinch poke" Brynn on the arm.  Kelsey got all tangled up in the mini-blind's string and almost knocked over all the condiments in the little silver metal stand they are held in. The people of Waffle House probably thought we were all insane at this point. For the next 7 or 8 minutes we all cackled with laughter until we couldn't breath anymore. We finally calmed down, then laughed again. It was like 1 a.m. and we were all pretty sleep deprived to top it all off.