This entry has been inspired by one of my favorite photographers Steve McCurry. The latest post on his blog is titled "To Change the World"  and is a beautiful collection of images showing people of all ages in a variety of conditions studying and doing schoolwork. Here are a few photos I've taken throughout my travels, mostly in India, showing the dedication of students.


Asha Mission, Delhi

A school-wide drawing competition sparks the creativity in these students. Nava Jeevan School, Karnataka State

A student and his interpretation of what his village looks like. Karnataka State


The unbalanced ratio of male to female students in Indian schools is glaringly obvious. Thankfully though, these girls are able to go to school. Karnataka State

Attentive students. Karnataka State

Art class at Ashraya Mission.

Art class at Ashraya Mission.

Even though the remnants of spring cleaning surround these two youngsters, they don't let it distract them from doing their homework. Asha Mission, Delhi.

This group of girls would sometimes stop by our house on their way home from school in the afternoons. At first bashful, they came out of their shells and showed their silly childlike side. Karnataka State

As McCurry quoted Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world."




Happy Holi!

Today, March 27th, is the day where people around the world celebrate HOLI.  It's a festival of COLOR welcoming the spring season and the ripe opportunities and new beginnings that accompany it.  Last year, we celebrated HOLI on our campus to raise funds for a couple teams doing work in India.  Here's a video by the awesome photographer/videographer Jake Morgan. [vimeo]

Here are a few of my favorite moments I captured from the event:

brandee photo (1) photo (4) photo (5) photo (6) photo (8) photo (14) photo (17) photo (25) photo (29)

Some images from HOLI festivals captured by my favorite photographer Steve McCurry:

INDIA-10005NF4 INDIA-10007A-(1) INDIA-10208 INDIA-10209

Here's an interesting article in The New York Times by Vishnu Varma about the colony of widows in northern India's Uttar Pradesh and how they are breaking conventions by playing Holi.

Happy HOLI!