story time

Story time with the children at Asha Mission transforms the streets of Delhi into far away lands, changes the shadows on the walls into scary monsters, and imaginations run wild at the creepy sounds heard through the walls. Tonight I told the girls a love story. More like a romantic saga between a nurse and a doctor both working in northern Africa, KB had started this story a few nights ago and the girls begged me to add on. It was a bit of a fail, my imagination needed a good workout before this one.

Afterwards, as I was about to walk out the door the boys all but drug me into their room to tell them a scary story. I told them an old Halloween tale. It did not impress them, it's difficult to scare these boys. They rebuttaled with a tale that was graphic and suspenseful, knocking my story out of the park. As they each took turns telling parts of the story, they hung off of their bunk beds and peeked out from under their blankets with eager eyes.

I only have one more week here with these kiddos and am not looking forward to saying goodbye again. The sound of their laughter makes my heart so happy. Playing cards with them, sitting with them during evening prayer time, and just walking them to school in the mornings all bless me so much. It's the little things in life.