Chai, Laughter, and the Language of No Barriers

As I prepare for my exams that begin next week I try to find ways to keep me focused and alert. I try coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks, getting up to dance around my room like a clown, etc etc.  All of this to say, drinking coffee or tea makes me think of one of the most inspirational women I know. Her name is Rama Didi and she lives in Bijwason, Delhi, India. Rama Didi works at Asha Mission Children's Home.  She cooks, cleans, washes clothes, makes the WORLD'S BEST CHAI TEA, but most importantly she loves the 30+ children that live at Asha Mission.  She gets paid just a few rupees a week to work there, but the list of things to do everyday is endless.

My friend Andy whom I was in India with is quite the prankster.  He would do impersonations of our new Indian friends for Rama and she would absolutely die of laughter. She has the best laugh, it is so contagious!

This past summer I visited Asha Mission for 3 weeks. They were three of the happiest weeks of my life.  While there Rama Didi would invite me on little village excursions.  I got to go with her to visit her friends around the neighborhood, and once she had me accompany her to the local post office.  Rama Didi speaks very good English, but is sometimes shy to use it.

Anyway, I admire Rama Didi and all that she does. I do hope I get to see her again this summer. Oh! and she is engaged to be married to a Spanish Missionary who lives in Texas, how exciting!Image