was and is

Light and shadow in the classroom.
(Karnataka State, India, 2012) 

To revel in the fact that He has shaped each of these young people into a being that will lead a life of purpose.
To think that He has carved each of these faces with His hand as a unique piece of art. 
To think that the light He spoke into existence falls upon each of these boys and girls in a special and intentional way.
The dust that these children kick up as they sprint across the school yard is the same dust that stained His clothes.
The air that fills their lungs as they laugh and whisper is the same air He inhaled as He preached from the mountaintop.
The water that splashes on our rooftops and nourishes our lands in the same that quenched His thirst. 
What glorious thoughts. 
He was here.
We are here.
And He is here with us still.