holy macaroons

Yesterday I set out to do something I thought would be straight forward and easy: whip up a batch of macaroons. I've hardly baked anything in my life (peel apart Toll House cookies don't count). There is no place in my home town that sells these little magic meringue-like morsels. So, I decided to make some of my own. Choosing a flavor wasn't difficult. Chocolate, duh. Next, I found this instructional video by Honeysuckle Catering to help walk me through the process.

After I tracked down all the ingredients I got to work.  It took about an hour to mix everything up and bake them. Surprisingly, they turned out great. Most of the macaroons cracked, but I blame that on my using a make-shift piping bag out of a sandwich baggy.

Here are the results. So tasty!


My twist: I used Nutella for the filling instead of the chocolate ganache from this video.

PS- I have a new found respect for food photographers.