painting with the women of ashraya

The women finally arrived! Ashraya Mission finally has 6 beautiful new residents. We started classes today, one of which lead by KB was painting. She instructed the women to "paint what makes you happy. it can be anything, a memory, a person." It was SO beautiful to see the women working hard on their art, they really got into it. We had Sigur Ros playing in the background, it was great.

The stunning and graceful 24-year-old mother of two painted flowers, and later painted a small frock for her daughter. Thinking of her daughter makes her happy.

This young lady painted a peacock and also her brother, in an abstract sort of way. She said her brother makes her happy.

This lovely girl painted a bright kaleidoscopic of flowers. She is so so artistic.


With these 6 new residents (and three on the way!!!) Ashraya Mission is in need of sponsors for these beautiful women. While their two-month stay at Ashraya they each receive:

1) A safe, loving home. 2) Medical vaccinations and screenings. 3) Quality nutrition. 4) In house trauma counseling for 2 hrs a day. 5) Sewing lessons so they can start a new career as a seamstress. 6) A $10/week allowance to help support their children. 7) Private tutoring to help further their education. 8) A fresh start in life.

KB and I live at Ashraya Mission with these women (it's kinda cramped but we are making it work!), and trust me, they are each special and beautiful in their own way. They were stitched together by God's own hand and you can see the love of Christ shine through their big dark brown eyes and stunning smiles. Some of the women are spunky, not shy to bust out and dance. Others are elegant and graceful, quiet and humble yet strong. They are each so special.

If you're interested in donating to Ashraya Mission and supporting these women, click here!