"my name is!"

India. Ooooh India. It's been the craziest week. I can't even remember everything that's happened. Sunday was interesting. KB and I got all snazzed up in saris (I wore one of hers, didn't have one yet). Then we all went to church. The sermon was in Kanada, and all but 1 song was in Kanada throughout the service. After church the women all shook my hands, they were so welcoming and friendly. We went home and took some pics to show off what an awesome job Yallawa did tying our saris. OH! Before church we hiked up the mountain (in our petticoatss and blouses) searching for Yallawa's house so she could tie our saris. So funny.

Monday was sweet. We had the kiddos over. Spiderman had been playing in the DVD player for literally 5 minutes...then the power went out. So, we played cards instead. So much laughter teaching these youngins how to play Egyptian Rat Screw (aka Katie Didi slap game). Tuesday was a crazy day. In the morning Yallawa, KB and I fed come wandering cows chitpate and baby corn. Well, ok.... Drew and I attempted to make chipate on Monday night (by candle light because the power was out, and on the floor because we don't have a table), it didn't turn out so great. It was actually kinda bad. We couldn't figure out Yallawa's perfect water to flower ratio. The cows did not like that chipate. Look at those sweet faces!

Later in the morning Shamla, Yallawa (and baby Blessy) took me to get measured for my sari blouse. Then, in the afternoon Shamla and Gita took me to find a matching petticoat. So, when you buy or attempt to buy a sari in India is like a 4 step process. I finally find a matching petticoat after visiting three shops and we head back.

Getting home from the market on Tuesday was the funniest thing. Shamla, Gita and I pull up to Ashraya Mission only to find a crowd of people. I immediately ask Drew what the heck is going on. He says, "Katie Beth and Tom just drove off in a rickshaw that way!" (pointing down the road). "What?!" was my reply. You can imagine with  what little detail was given to me at the time... I assumed KB and Tom just up and hijacked some innocent man's rickshaw. A few minutes later, though they come bumping up the path, Tom steering, faces as bright as a child's on Christmas morning. They had simply accepted a rickshaw-driving-friend's offer to drive his rickshaw.

Also, while I had been away at the market, the carpenter (who built our island) dropped off a puppy.

It was Drew's very first pet dog! He named her Zoey. She ran away this morning..... (Thursday, Sept 30th)


Later Tom played some cricket with the neighborhood guys.

Everyday on their way home from school the cutest little group of kids stop by and give me flowers. They are the sweetest ever!

Today was one of those "only in India would this happen" days. Tom, Drew and I spent an hour and a half in the post office trying to send a package to America. THere are so many steps to sending a package here. The most bizarre of them all being that you are expected (as an American) to carry a stamp with you (or an american coin) to stamp the hot wax that seals the package closed.

Anyways, on our way home from the post office we stopped by this organic food and body product store. Drew got some candy, Tom got some soap. Boys. We continued to walk home from there then it began to rain. We stopped by a little cafe type joint and the boys had some chai. It stopped raining and we continued home. We passed a group of kids and one shouted at us "My name is!" haha That's all he said! That must have been the only English he could remember at that moment. It's funny. Anytime you meet someone new in India (especially the children) and you ask them how they are they ALWAYS without fail say, "I am fine!"

But that's what has been going on this week. Ashraya Mission finally has some women moving in starting next week! It's so exciting! After a year of steadfast prayer, God is finally sending Ashraya some women to work with.  Last week KB, Tom, Drew and I prayed that we would have at least one woman move into Ashraya Mission by next week... and guess what. It's happening.