beautiful people

Beautiful people don't just happen. Much like a diamond that goes through hundreds of years of extreme pressure to become the pristine gem, beautiful people are sculpted by their life's trials and struggles. Image

This quote makes me think of the house parents at Asha Mission Children's Home. Mr and Mrs Sharma devote their lives to taking care of the 30+ children that live in the home. It's because of these house parents that Asha Mission feels like a home, not just a house with four walls. They are completely selfless, the daily routine in the home is that of getting nearly 3 dozen children ready for school- bathed, fed, teeth brushed, clothed, backpacks packed, lunches made... and once they are home from school- snack time, homework time, play time, prayer time, then it's time to get ready for bed so it can all happen again the next day. They have 2 biological children of their own that also live in the home, but it's awesome to see that they treat every single child as their own, no distinguishes made between them.


Here's Mr Sharma holding his biological son, Jerry. Being goofy at Christmas time 2011 with a pair of pipe-cleaner spectacles. Photo cred- Caroline Morris.