Drawing Inspiration

Let me digress a bit for a second and introduce myself to all of you as one of Ashraya's interns this fall. I realized after Tom's recent post which you can read here ---> http://www.ashrayamission.com/a-note-from-our-interns-tom/ , that I never really said much about myself in my last 1 or 2 posts.My name is Hannah Grace and I'm from Clarksville, TN. I go to Austin Peay State University and am majoring in Public Relations. I will graduate sometime in 2013 (I'm not in a hurry these days ;)) and post-grad I plan on getting TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) certified and teach in South Korea for a couple years (this is my creative solution to paying off student loans). Ultimately though, I want to somehow use my degree in PR to work in the nonprofit realm (hopefully with Asha Mission and Ashraya Mission!) Also, I love photography and my favorite food these days is any kind of fruit- with the exception of mangoes, but that's another story that I will credit to Ashley Curd didi.

I think it's a neat thing when we see God and His message of love and redemption in everyday seemingly mundane things.

The beauty of a sunset marking the end of another day we have been so blessedly given. The sky was on fire this evening.

The laughter of children, may we live like them and learn from the way they see life so simply and beautifully. Children at their core are the same no matter what nation they are from. You can babysit kids from the suburbs in middle Tennessee or travel to hang out with kids in India, and you will find that young boys from both places like to jump off things and pretend they are super heroes.

The enigma of nature. How does God so perfectly orchestrate the currents of the winds and the water? The power of a body of water is just a glimpse into the power of God. He has the power to call upon the rains and flood the ENTIRE earth. He also has the power to calm the storm, "Peace! Be Still!" And let's not get into walking on water. Our God is just TOO cool.

What everyday things inspire you guys?

-Hannah didi